Fun and More Fun

I don’t know what could be nicer than going away with your family right after you’ve had a family wedding.

That’s what we did.

The fun we had at the wedding alone could last all year: watching people dance, say like these guys are doing.















And holding close the people we love…


Sitting by the bonfire til the stars themselves started yawning.

Even finally taking off the finery and sleeping late the next day.

Then, to unpack, do a week’s worth of work in one day practically, and take off again for a new beach in a new place.

The family hasn’t had a vacation together in five years but we’re having one now.

Boy are we having one.

And boy do we feel grateful.

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3 thoughts on “Fun and More Fun

  1. “sitting by the fireside” reminds me of a scene in the movie “Waiting For the Moon” about Gertrude and Alice with friend Guillaume Appolinaire as he speaks of life, death, picking mushrooms and eating them and then waiting.
    I also wish I could have a dress like Callie’s!

  2. It was in 1970 when preparing for my daughter’s wedding, I fell in the cellar while bringing in one of those collapsible clotheslines. It was a week before the wedding. A trip to the ER resulted in a full cast and crutches for my broken right leg. The doctor there told me that I was about to find out how “unimportant” was the mother of the bride. What a weird doc!

    Well, right after the reception which took place on our back lawn, Jerry and I took off for a drive up the Maine coast. Around late afternoon we spotted a B&B where we decided to spend the night. The host was a German man who was quite sympathetic toward the poor lady with the huge cast who was maneuvering around on crutches. He gave us the best guestroom with a huge window overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Around sunset, our German host entertained with a variety of German marches emanating from his ancient Victrola. It was all so funny and unexpected, making for an unforgettable aftermath to our daughter’s marriage. I really did not feel so “unimportant.”

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