Wedding by the Sea

What’s nicer than a family wedding on a Sunday in September?

When the sky is so blue

And the prelude is by Pachelbel



And even the view from the hotel room just lifts the spirits.

And then we have the bride and her father. Ah the bride and her father~!



Such a day is bound to be happy,


as folks stroll and play

And toast and yell and wave their spoons around …


And everyone claps the “May I present Mr. and Mrs.” moment…


And the dancing goes on for just hours.

4 thoughts on “Wedding by the Sea

  1. Hi Terry,
    Great fun was had at this wedding…the video clip of the Lady holding the baby was especially touching..just the way the wind blew and the music in contrast to the celebratory dancing video! Reminds me of another September Beach wedding we shared…has it been 2 years..oh my!!

    1. I was thinking that very thing as I wrote it Dolores!
      The lady with a baby is Christine, our daughter-in-law. She and our girl Carrie have three children now, eight, five and six-plus months. This. in no small part, is why we’re Democrats. I know you take my meaning …

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