I’m So Busy (I’m Such a Martyr!)

Here’s how I feel this week:

We all get like this, and we act like it’s a virtue.

I was so busy yesterday I left a pan on over a full flame while I went upstairs to start the bath.

David was there and got to the pan before it charred the onions entirely but he couldn’t be two places at once so when I tore back down to the kitchen to see about the pan I left the bathtub running and..

Well not really but almost ….

Then he caught me this morning peeling out of the driveway, over a little too far to the right so the pine boughs came right INTO the passenger-side window and tried to comb my hair again for me .

I was 30 feet away by the time I saw that Old Dave had seen me. He just held out both arms, palms up, as if to say “Whaaat?”

I answered with the same gesture only in my case it meant “Search me! I don’t know what I’m doing!”

I wrote a book once called Vacationing in My Driveway about how all the best fun in life comes when you slow down enough to notice what’s actually going on around you.

I took the picture for the cover. This is it:

This is our driveway. This is my car, or the green version of it which was mine until I worn it down to a rusted nub and got the red versions that I have now.

I think it’s time to take some of my own advice here, or I won’t be pedaling happily away too much longer. Oy!

6 thoughts on “I’m So Busy (I’m Such a Martyr!)

  1. love that book!! like you, my mind runs constantly like a waterfall that never shuts off…. it’s hard for us to sit, we must learn i suppose… happy weekend, t xo

  2. ahh, the lazy days of summer are behind us. I feel like I am racing to accomplish some of the projects I’d hoped to finish before the cold sets in … awoke at this wee hour with a terrible feeling of having double booked for one night next week — had to face the bright lights of this screen to double check — phew — it’s okay, but still, I’m not sure if I can manage all that I’ve crammed into the space of 5 days ahead … what a comforting relief to read your column — “comrade in virtual life.”

  3. Yes, I feel very blessed to have been “introduced” to you by Mike & Ginny:) Your musings keep me in tune with what is precious in life — thanks, t!

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