Your Friends All Think You’re Crazy

Speaking of how others see you, the low point of your relationship with your significant other has to be when he or she tells you that your friends all think you’re crazy.  (And here’s a pretty crazy person right here so thrilled at the idea of being away from her work station that she’s blinded by smiling!)  My sister Nan’s onetime spouse said this very thing to her once and it immediately shot to the top of the list we keep of the all-time worst things one person can say to another person.

But now I look at yesterday’s post about all I carry onto a plane and am compelled to wonder about my own sanity as a person who will only travel with her own food. Who must personally concoct all her own beverages. Who would not in ten million years eat the fruit from the salad bar.

Does this mean I have trust issue then?( “What in OUR house?!” as Lady Macbeth says when it’s discovered that the poor old king has been murdered even though she was the one who goaded Mac into killing the guy.)

Could be, could be. That would certainly explain why I’m so uneasy as a passenger that I keep my foot jammed down on an imaginary brake. I do trust Old Dave behind the wheel which is surprising since the guy tailgates like you wouldn’t believe. And yet t he’s never had a mishap on the road, never gotten so much as a speeding ticket, galling fact, but there it is. He says he thinks it’s safer to ride close to the people in front of you somebody else doesn’t cut in and themselves cause an accident.

I guess you can rationalize just about anything if you try hard enough. Doesn’t the White Queen tell little Alice that she has sometimes believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast?

Maybe the main impossible thing I myself believe before breakfast is that I’m sunnily normal.

But come on. Is anyone normal really? I mean why else did God put Lady Gaga here on earth to spread her Born This Way message?

I could treat you to a dozen examples of the odd things I do but hey. I bet we all have a list of oddball secret things we do. You know there are people out there who save their toenail parings in  ajar. You know there are people saving their bellybutton lint in case they want to spin it  into wool some day and knit up a bunch of tiny sweaters.

What’s fun is noticing the oddball things in yourself.

Tell you one thing: it sure helps you keep from judging others.

See this grand lady below with her nose in the air?

I can get behind the sitting with your drink and gazing around part but where’s the fun in judging what you hear people saying? I’m usually too busy smiling and shaking my head at the varieties we humans come in. That and guarding against any cut up fruit the bartender may try sticking in my drink.

5 thoughts on “Your Friends All Think You’re Crazy

  1. The Today Show featured food trucks in Indiana being stopped by police to be checked for food spoilage. It turns out that in many of the trucks the refrigeration system is broken or not in use (to save money.) The result is food starting to go bad before delivery to the store. It is a cause for serious illness.
    My cousin when traveling by plane used to bring her own food, linen napkin, and grandma’s silver, all spread out on the tray table. Once the man next to her said: “You’re my kind of lady.” They lived happily ever after… Not really.
    Sometimes, what looks crazy is really wisdom breaking out.

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