Way to Go

This  is Susan, who is really on the mend now with the drain out, and the eye no longer stitched shut, and, the doctor said, some ‘tone’ beginning to return to her face.

She does her physical therapy religiously, though balancing on one foot with her eyes closed still makes her tip over.

She’ll figure that out. She’ll conquer that mountain, just like she conquered the one in this picture. (She’s a geologist: I think I never said that here.)

Down below here is the sweet illustration that is displayed in their guest bathroom, where Kevin and Susan have it displayed, and where I admired it, every day I was out in that high desert with our ‘patient.’ (oh! Should say the details of this journey of Susan’s start here and continue on..)

A good piece of advice, Goethe! It was good for Sooz, who has long since internalized its message, and good for us all.

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