God to Adam & Eve

In the spirit of another new week this, by poet Tony Hoagland. It’s God talkin’ to the kids:

God said (and already you can tell
I’m making this up),

Let this woman and this man
Be joined together

In front of the sea and the grass
And the trees who don’t care

He said, Let them make
A gate in themselves

Through which the other can pass
And may the gate never be closed

So they can feel the truth of being entered

And the loneliness of being
Imperfectly misunderstood —

Now go, God said,
Into the country of love

Change it with your experiments
Don’t be intimidated   Enjoy your skin

Impress me
Make something grow

For your bravery merely in undertaking
This impossible task

I make you a special loan called Time
No, don’t bother to thank me now —

You can pay me back as you go

One thought on “God to Adam & Eve

  1. A Cancerian. We’re all about home and family. I’ve found my bliss selling food in a supermarket – and watching the Food Network for new recipes. Yet – I’m “Pisces ascendant” so it’s no wonder you and I clicked all those years ago (about 10 if i recall) at the Border’s in Edgewater (which is now, sadly, defunct.)

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