Fifty Shades of Who Cares

So why IS this book Fifty Shades of Grey such a best seller? They say that for Victorian men one major draw in visiting ‘Ladies of the Night’ was  to enjoy the feeling of not having to be in control for a while  – so wearying to run an Empire AND bully your wife over the dinner table! –  but I imagine the old Joy of Sex was pretty high on the list too.

Still I don’t find the idea of reading one silly handcuff story after another all that compelling.

I have nothing against handcuffs. I saw the film Bill Durham like everyone else; I remember how rookie Tim Robbins gets to pitching so much better after Susan Sarandon starts tying him by his wrists to the bedposts and reading him poetry – remember?

But still: I’m pretty sure when God gave us sex he was thinking “Here’s a fun thing to do,” not “Here’s a fun thing to watch, or read about – other people doing.

Plus you don’t get a new person with second-hand sex. and new people after all are what it’s all for. 😉

11 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Who Cares

  1. As a long-established bookie, instead of the Shades, I recommend The Sense of an Ending, by Julian Barnes and The Cat’s Table, by Michael Ondaatje. Both are about adolescent boys testing the world around them. You will savor the writing. You absolutely will!

    1. Joan thank you! I have a long flight ahead and will capture these both . You are the second person to recommend The Sense of An Ending and isn’t Michael O, the author the The English Patient?

      1. If you do books on tape/Audible, Terry, Michael Ondaatjie’s reading of The Cat’s Table is amazing, almost incantatory. Would certainly drown out the engine noise!

  2. A couple of thoughts…. Fifty Shades is remarkably bad porn and bad literature, so don’t draw conclusions about a major literary genre from one sample; and personally, I enjoy watching tennis almost as much as playing it.

  3. There is nothing wrong with reading erotica because it is just another way to explore sexuality and maybe learn a new thing or two in the process. Sexuality is ever changing and is fueled by the human capacity to be creative….especially for women. I do agree that it should not be used as a substitution for sex by any means but perhaps as a supplement to ones sex life. That being said 50 Shades of Gray is terrible, poorly written, and lame erotica. It shows just how much women like reading about sex and it is a shame that there isn’t more good erotica out there.

    1. Maggie I never even read the book: how’s that for foolishness? women are writing me to say it is pretty lame so I guess I’ll give it a pass. You’re right though: I too learned things through reading. A lot in fact that in time I put to good use. It’s the great mystery all right! Thanks for a thoughtful reply. I am here in Salt Lake caring for your former ‘big sister’ Susan, who has had an operation.

  4. Oh for crying out loud. Its a book, plain and simple. Its a fun, easy read and enjoyable to alot of women. Creates alot of great conversation amongst friends. Stop your complaining.

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