Fifty Shades of Who Cares

So why IS this book Fifty Shades of Grey such a best seller? They say that for Victorian men one major draw in visiting ‘Ladies of the Night’ was  to enjoy the feeling of not having to be in control for a while  – so wearying to run an Empire AND bully your wife over the dinner table! –  but I imagine the old Joy of Sex was pretty high on the list too.

Still I don’t find the idea of reading one silly handcuff story after another all that compelling.

I have nothing against handcuffs. I saw the film Bill Durham like everyone else; I remember how rookie Tim Robbins gets to pitching so much better after Susan Sarandon starts tying him by his wrists to the bedposts and reading him poetry – remember?

But still: I’m pretty sure when God gave us sex he was thinking “Here’s a fun thing to do,” not “Here’s a fun thing to watch, or read about – other people doing.

Plus you don’t get a new person with second-hand sex. and new people after all are what it’s all for. 😉