Lazy Time of Year

It’s hard to take time off from writing a blog.

Sure, you’re your own boss with a blog but I myself feel so uneasy when I don’t have something lined up to post at dawn of the next day. I feel like I’ve gone to bed without saying my prayers or something.

Still, it was nice over the last 48 hours to vow to take a little time away; also to have made a small mini-rule about just NOT GOING to that gym that pulls me towards it like some irresistible kind catnip, whether I want to be drawn there or not. It’s the Nia and the Hip Hop Cardio, and mostly the Zumba that I love. To move like that! To music! With others!

This week so far I have mostly just done a little fake swimming, with this little guy.

I went to sit shiva with a family recently bereaved.

I sent three thank you notes and mailed two gifts.

I bought curtains in a room long crying out for curtains and then became so obsessed with the fact that they’re five inches too short that I went BACK to the store, bought a fifth curtain to cannibalize for its extra yardage, and spent two hours yesterday measuring and sewing, getting ready to perform that grafting operation, which I couldn’t undertake today because I somehow found myself out of common pins and only a fool sews without first pinning.

Over this past weekend as the guest of some good friends on Cape Cod I did a lot of eating, basking, reading, eating and more eating. I’m trying that Tim Ferris diet (which deserves its own post and will doubtless get it soon enough as I begin to turn into a black bean, having eaten so many of them.)

And this Next weekend I hope to be going out this wee bobbing cork of a dinghy I bought a few years ago in spite of family’s derisive laughter. It’s got this little sewing machine of a motor but you can go right out all by yourself in the middle of a body of water and look up at the sky and think “Take ME Now”! It’s the same feeling I while flat on my back and bobbing on a raft. The boat’s motor is so quiet that the last time I went out in it I think I maybe tied it up with the engine still running. Anyway recharging the battery took forever but hey: live and learn.

Right this second and also over the past 48 hours I’ve been teaching myself about eye makeup. I don’t think I’m gettin’ away with it exactly. I may have to file it under Looks You’re Probably Too Old For but it’s been fun playing with it and isn’t that what summer is for?

August now. Hate to think the long days might be ending, but they aren’t really doing that yet. Not yet, anyway. Not today.