What the Heat Can Do

I started the day yesterday sumo-style, which is to say I was lookin’ like one of these three babes…

I ended it  like this, from an actual self-portrait taken in my living room around 7:00 last night .

That’s what extreme heat will do to you, especially in a basically un-air-conditionable house built in the 1890s.

Like tallow, the fat just melts away. (It does leave you a mite thirsty however.)  😉

2 thoughts on “What the Heat Can Do

  1. I love the three babes – I like art that presents women as they really are, real bodies, wobbly bits and all. I smiled when I read your post this morning. I’m here in Inverness with the rain coming down and it looks more like Autumn than Summer. I guess we all have our weather woes to cope with. Great pictures. Thank you for making me smile today!

  2. Art sans air-brush and photo-shop. I suspect even Jennifer Lopez looks more like these three gals au-natural.

    I do recognize you on the sofa, it’s those penetrating eyes that gaze into the world seeing what most of us miss.

    Be cool, as you usually are.

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