This is Your Brain on Boil

It was a tough week and then it ended thank God, thank God.

Even my new pink bra couldn’t cheer me when the temperatures climbed.

I felt like a tea cake on a hot summer day in Alabama.

That’s from To Kill a Mockingbird, that image.

Here’s another: Sometimes when I’m looking out the windows of my office at the schoolchildren waiting for the bus, or the little boys wrestling one another to the ground, I feel like shy Boo Radley peeking from behind his curtains. “I’m the Boo Radley of the neighborhood,” I sometimes say to the younger moms and dads, who smile nervously and edge away. No doubt in another ten years I too will be leaving notes in the hollow of the old oak tree.

My point is, your thoughts DO melt and slide around in the heat. Slider thoughts they are and while I’m at it whose idea was it to name little burgers ‘sliders’? Talk about cue the paramedics and brush up on your Heimlich Maneuver! Burgers don’t slide down the throat, you have to chew them, kind of a lot in fact.

And why was Chewbacca named Chewbacca? Was that some sort of product placement for the smoking lobby? Freud died of throat cancer I’ll have you know… So sometimes a cigar really is a cigar and cigars give you cancer.

Well that’s it for me. Slammin’ this little ‘book’ shut and heading for the country where it’s all so QUIET.

Y’all have fun now too, heah?