Humor in Uniform?

Remember that old feature in The Reader’s Digest called ‘Humor in Uniform’? Well, as a follow-up to my tribute yesterday to our family’s last remaining veteran, I offer the following. letter, printed in the Hairenik Weekly for which Uncle Ed wrote in his three years stationed off the coast of New Guinea during World War II.

Says the faded clip by way of introduction,” From Headquarters, Far East Air Forces, Office of the Commanding General, this letter was received by Mr. Krikor Haydostian of Roxbury, Massachusetts  advising him of the Department’s pride in his son, Staff Sgt. Edward, for his outstanding service in the Pacific and Far East operations for more than two years.”

Read the official letter, then scroll down for the punch line…..


                                                         Headquarters,  FAR EAST AIR FORCES,   Office of the Commanding General


September 26, 1945

Dear Mr. Haydostian:

For his outstanding devotion to duty and for his exceptional skill, your son, Staff Sergeant Edward K. Haydostian, has been personally commended to me by his commanding officer.

I feel sure that you will share my pride in the excellent record he has established as a member of an Air Force team during more than two years of sustained operations in the Pacific and Far East.

Your son typifies the many specialists who are a vital part of our organization. Without the crew chiefs, the bomb loaders, the engineers, the mess sergeants and the clerks, it would have been impossible for our combat crews to carry the war to the enemy.

Sergeant Haydostian has been chief administrative clerk for one of our Medical Supply Platoons. The consistently high quality of his work has won the respect of his officers and fellow soldiers. His fine record is a credit to himself and to his organization.

His has been a real contribution to victory. I am proud to have him under my command.

The joke is, Uncle Ed wasn’t IN the Air Force. While waiting to hear back from them,  he finally lost patience and joined the Army. He told me this story three days before he died. Otherwise we sure would have wondered!


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