Many Dreams

I had so many dreams Sunday night I felt like I’d serially sneaked into all 8 movies at the old Cineplex.

The dreams were:

1) About riding my bike on an eight lane highway. Not a single accident !

2) About riding a souped-up ATV and going off a cliff. Major accident! Heartening fact: did not die during dream about dying.

3) About finding out that Old Dave was dating on the side. Dating! On the side!

4) About present when someone who looked a lot like Old Dave but was maybe his brother (?) or some kind of doppelganger was buying presents for the ten-year-old love child he had had with this person he was dating on the side.

5) About going to see a high school production of Hamlet where my party and I were seated outside the theatre. From what I could see from numerous sneak-ins , the production was so bad I came to see that ours were the best seats in the house.

Old Dave got up at 5:30 yesterday morning and I slept until 8. There’s basically no doubt in my mind that you have the best dreams after the other guys vacates the premises, why I don’t know

Our family’s new baby has for the last four months slept all swaddled like a burrito in her bassinet but is just now graduating to larger accommodations. In this bigger venue called a CRIB she stretches out like a little Buddha, with her arms up over her head like this guy at the top – and I bet has dreams every bit as entertaining as mine – and with no vehicular mishaps either.

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