Gluttons & The People Who Envy Them

That scowling cat was just too cute to pass up yesterday but you have to realize what happens inside your head when everyone around you is heaping thirds onto their plates and you can’t have a second tiny glass of wine. You just feel like pinching them hard on the fat of their thighs, these people with their Sweet and Spicy Doritos and their special darn beers and those shiny marconi almonds that come all slippery with oil right? I mean, right?

Eh. Not really. All that passes pretty quickly, to be replaced by immense delight that just for today as people in recovery say, you are patrolling your borders and not tipping whole refrigerator shelves into your giant maw of a mouth.

I started Weight Watchers when I first started to date Old Dave “Dude, your hair’s out of style” I told him about a month in, when it seemed safe to offer a little constructive criticism.

“Yeah well you’re a little FAT!” he said back with a merry smile and maybe that’s why I liked him. While there has never been any cruelty, there has never been any of the old BS either. The man doesn’t lie.

SO ….. I began on Weight Watchers and went from 146 to 125 and that lasted until after my first baby, when I went down to 118. After my third baby I hit 112, if only briefly and these many decades later have evened out at around 132 – though of course now much of the muscle has gone to that something like you see in those bags of fluff you buy to stuff pillows with. And of course here in the waiting room that is Osteopenia, my bones are like Sponge Bob’s bones.

 It’s OK with me. The men in my life eat their fried egg and bacon. I eat my banana on plain Shredded Wheat. They have a Coke with their meal. I have sparkling water, pepped up with my special mixture of mint tea and no-cal lemonade. And yes sometimes I get to put a splash of red wine into this mix and boom! Sangria! And sometimes I put in a splash of whiskey and boom again! A whiskey sour!

But mostly I am able to abstain from these little extras because of the great satisfaction I get out of the fact that JUST FOR TODAY I am not ending the day by strapping on a feed bag drooly with Ben & Jerry’s best.

And that, ladies and gentleworms, is a victory all by itself.

5 thoughts on “Gluttons & The People Who Envy Them

  1. You will look svelte. They won’t.

    My daughter, son in law, and great granddaughter visited me for the past 2 weeks, during which time, Sheila made two cakes. This was a very wrong thing to do. But the cakes were delicious. Now my family has gone, leaving me with half a chocolate cake covered with chocolate frosting. My favorite.

    You will look svelte. I won’t.

  2. I changed to a smaller plate and started walking. I mean really walking and I lost weight and am keeping it in check – I think. It seems that as I nudge towards 50 my body has gone off on a tangent of it’s own.

  3. I hear that and good for you! If I didn’t go to the gym five days a week I’d look like a sculpture someone carved out of cheese and left in the sun…

  4. Yes, right now I weigh 90 pounds, but if I binge on that cake, who knows where I will end up? I just had a piece of that cake and it is delicious. I have walked a mile today, and have one more walk with Angel which will take place this evening. Tomorrow is another day. I have places to go and people to see, and paintings to pick up. I’ll deliver Angel to the groomer. Then Angel and I will walk a mile or more, as always. But that cake is still here. Oy,oy.

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