You Know It’s Hot When….

You know it’s hot when your candles faint dead away, pooling waxily on the tabletops.

You know it’s hot when the  freckles melt right off your face

You know it’s hot when you can’t really walk right and ambulating at all feels like wading in the ocean when the waves are really surging.

You know it’s hot when your body forgets it’s hungry so busy is it sending telegraphing “Get water!  I need more water!”

But you really know you’re hot when your very eyeballs start coming to a boil, start sort of shimmying like a couple of peeled eggs getting poached.

Then you can’t even see.

Yesterday with my silverback gorilla of a mate off on a business trip I thought I was going to die in this ancient house with its horsehair plaster. We do have three little AC units but not one of them was installed and that’s no job for me in my new starring role as Mrs. Osteopenia.

Also, one of the units had on it a Post-it note in my handwriting. “This AC is a horrible disappointment. August 2011,” is what it said.

Soooo I went to Sears and bought another, fourth AC for $109.

And when this young houseguest came home from wrestling camp with his long strong arms we installed all four of those babies.

Old Dave came home at midnight and cheered.

Now he and I can sleep.

And the young houseguest can sleep.

And that houseguest soon to fly in from Atlanta can sleep

And  most important –  for me anyway –  I can once again work in my office, writing this deathless prose. 🙂 Thanks Rayvoughn!

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2 thoughts on “You Know It’s Hot When….

  1. Good one, Terry. Here’s another: You know it’s hot when it’s raining and the pavement is still dry. Yes, for real. Love our ceiling fans. Enjoy the air.

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