Sometimes I’m clairvoyant myself, speaking of people having visions of things not right in front of them as I was here yesterday: One time our baby’s stroller went missing and after two whole days of frantic searching I suddenly ‘saw’ where it was.

“It’s behind the Hootchiecootchies’ house!” I exclaimed, though of course that wasn’t their name.

I walked over there, slipped around back and there was the stroller, half-submerged in the shallow stream at the edge of the lawn.

It wasn’t like I knew it.

It wasn’t like I figured it out, using ratiocination, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fave word for that he used for his guy Sherlock.

I just saw it and there’s no taking credit for that.

The gift of discernment: don’t we wish we had that every day?

7 thoughts on “ESP?

  1. Hey Terry,

    Speaking of ESP…I was just emailing my daughter to report that her boys are fine with Grammy and Poppy. In the email I told her about the LAUGH we all had when I told the boys about the little girl you heard singing Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds saying “the girl with colitis goes by.” As soon as I SENT the email, YOUR blog popped into my inbox. Sorry I missed seeing you in Somerville. Maybe some other time. Thanks for all the laughs!

    1. Oh I am so sorry I missed you! In my mind you were flying in TODAY. Offby a week! This is what happens when you let your emails scroll down and out of sight .

      I would have loved to meet you Ann . When might you come back?

  2. We were driving to Jerry’s parents’ house in Newark, Ohio, and I told him that there was something wrong with the Y bridge in Zanesville. That turned out to be correct. The bridge was closed for repairs.

  3. When we lived in Tennessee I believed that my grandmother had died, and so I looked up train schedules from Nashville to Boston, pressed the suit I would wear (you didn’t wear jeans when traveling), and waited for the phone call. It came. And I was wrong. My grandmother was fine, but my aunt had died.

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