They Seriously Blocked Me?

 Huh? Did Facebook really block a link to my innocent blog just because of a comment somebody made with the phrase “make it a threesome” in it?  I was writing about all the scurrying around I had done the weekend before and my cyber-friend Joan posted a comment that said “You leave me breathless! Think about getting yourself cloned, and make it a threesome! In the meantime, why not delegate some of the responsibility?  Yes, I know, no one can do it just as you would.  But, girl, you’ve got to let go.  No one can live at that pace for very long.”

Now I listen to Joan. Joan is funny and full of heart . She’s also been around the block a few times.  She once told me her birth year and if calculate right she is 85. So what, now Facebook is imputing salacious thoughts to senior citizens?

Not that I think of her as a senior citizen because I don’t. For me her comment did send up a red flag but not the kind Facebook had in mind. I felt alarm bells going off because I actually DO want to live a very long time, at least until my grandchildren have children, and how hard can that be? Sure, one of them can’t even sit up yet but the other two are five and eight years old already! They’ll be dating any minute, right?  They’ll have kids in middle school and I’ll still be only…. 90.

But the people at Facebook doesn’t care about my longevity, of course they don’t.  They just want everyone to keep it clean. But speaking of middle school it does seem to me kind of middle-schoolish to me the way they suspect every ordinary word of being a double entendre. It’s like the music teacher we had in Eight Grade who withstood so bravely the unceasing mischief made by the naughty-boys in back who broke into peals of laughter every time they had to practice singing “This is My Country” slowly to get the enunciation right for the big assembly. It’s like when the author of Up the Down Staircase said she could never teach Emily Dickinson’s “There is no frigate like a book” without seeing the doltish males in the back of the class dissolve into giggles at the syllable ‘frig.”

It just seems so silly to block people like us. I mean, two people whose ages practically add up to 150?  WE’RE going to be talking about group sex?

There’s a French phrase that functions as the motto of the Order of the Garter in Britain.  “Honi soit qui mal y pense” it goes. ‘Evil to Him Who Evil Thinks,’ is how I’ve always heard it translated meaning in other words ‘It’s all on you if you have a dirty mind, pal.”


8 thoughts on “They Seriously Blocked Me?

  1. Do you suppose that the blocking is done by computerized scanning (at least initially)? If so, the problem is not so much dirty minds as no minds at all.

  2. Well, dear Terry, I meant that it would take three people to do everything that you do. I am innocent of any alternate meaning, although I appreciate an occasional double entendre if the circumstances justify such. Yes, I am an old person, close to 86. It has been a great ride, and I would do it all over if given the chance. Oh yeah, a few regrets, but all in all, a wonderful journey so far.

    1. I just don’t see you as an old person. I’m thinking that term is now outmoded honestly. I knew just what you meant; to me your meaning was crystal clear !

  3. Hi Terry, At school, we have this censoring software that seems to have a mind of its own. I attempted to Google “windtunnel” (on the overhead viewer in the classroom) and was censored. No discussion, no reasoning, no explanation, just NO! The kids seemed to get the joke, while myself, I still can’t see the double entendre. But hey, four more days and school’s out for Summer. CJH

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