God Bless ’em They’re in Finals

Almost every day I thank the Good Lord that I will never have to take a another test – unless it’s that one your kids bring you in for where they make you draw the numbers on a clock-face and tell who the President is.

Back in the day, I studied like a crazy person for every exam I ever took and turned in a highly nervous knee-jiggling performance when the hour finally came to take each one.

My specialty was memorization. Intellectual baby that I was, It took me a good year and a half in college to realize memorization would only get you half the way there.

Just yesterday I finished re-reading the whole textbook for the 11th grade Honors U.S. History class so I could sort of ‘walk with’ a boy I love who is taking that exam today. We talked about it all yesterday afternoon, from the contested Hayes-Tilden election to William Jennings Bryan’s Cross of Gold speech to Nixon’s Peace with Honor.

The kid has it all down cold.

May he and all the test-taking kids out there acquit themselves well as they sit for these tests.

May none of them try this crafty little maneuver that Bill Watterson has Calvin resorting to below:

2 thoughts on “God Bless ’em They’re in Finals

  1. When W.C. Fields was on his deathbed some friends came to visit and
    found him reading the Bible. Surprised they asked him why?
    ” Loopholes, I’m looking for loopholes.”

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