Abe Called

To round out our talk of mirrors let me end with these two photos of Abe Lincoln which do show what a marked difference it makes to flip your image, right to left.

In this first photo with his dry and difficult hair and that sensual lower lip he looks as we ‘remember’  him: noble, generous, broken hearted.

In the second picture you get a whole different impression . Here he looks really rumpled,  almost deranged, and those spots on his cheek look almost cartoonish, as if they were drawn on by somebody.

I remember reading somewhere that more words have been written about this man than any other figure in the world with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth. The shock we feel on seeing him in an unfamiliar way proves that he is ‘in’ us all right, an iconic figure if ever there was one.  And now let’s end with this tuneful song by someone whose perceived image of himself seemed to torture him all his life. 

7 thoughts on “Abe Called

    1. Wo! Don’t rob people of their humanity! Were you one of those kids who said he felt like throwing up when he thought about his parents intimate marital connection?

  1. This is one reason people often say “I hate having my photo taken” because they are used to seeing their mirror reflections not what the camera sees. Especially true if you have an very unsymmetrical face, then the difference is very noticeable.

  2. Yeah, at first the difference is really noticeable. However,if you look at the two images back and forth for a couple of minutes, they don’t seem nearly as different. I think it is just whatever you are used to.

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