Stop or Lose Your Mind

Wo, the post I put up here yesterday at first had so many typos it looked like something written by a crazy person, not a good thing where papers all over instantly capture what I write and put  it on their websites. For a good 20 minutes this morning copy went up under my name that sounded like it was written by the computer ‘Hal’ in 2001, A Space Odyssey – near the end of its life when it’s slowly losing its mind.

I guess it happens when you do too much.

I had started the day before refinishing an old bureau  at 5am, getting Minwax’s Red Mahogany Stain all over my new bra dang it. Then I showered, scrubbed the dark-hued chemicals  out from under my nails, cooked and wrapped up two breakfasts and drove the 30 minutes to my daughter’s house in time to be there before her 10-week-old woke up. The idea all this week was that I would offer a couple of hours of help while she did key things like take a shower and pack; her little family is moving in a week. I made a lunch and a supper, as I also had done on the other days,  changed the baby’s tiny pants and sang to her before shooting back to my own town to collaborate on the writing of a grant proposal for our town’s Multicultural Network, on which I serve as a board member. It’s a kind of writing for which I have no aptitude whatsoever.

THEN I came back home, got back into those toxic  overalls, sanded, re-stained and used the nefarious 5F5 to get the finish off the knobs to the bureau drawers. Then more Boraxo to the hands, more showering and a 30-minute dinner with the fam before rushing off to the two-and-half-hour meeting of this  this same Multicultural Network where we were going over the by-laws with a fine-tooth comb, another activity for which I have no aptitude until 10pm when I came home and fell so hard on the bed the TV remote that was resting there leaped six inches into the air.

Well nothing’s  more boring than when people recount what they did all day so I’ll stop here. You’re probably pretty tired too.

Why don’t we all step into WayBack Machine and return for a few minutes to the old days when we went to movies that made us feel that of course no computer could ever best us in the intelligence department. Hal where are you now? Just biding your time I bet; just waiting for the fast-approaching day when you and your mechanical pals really show the world that you really are smarter and that, unlike us, you never ever get tired.