Took the Day Off

After I hit a thousand posts on this little bloog of a blog I promised myself I’d take a day off now and then.

Looks like I took one yesterday – in my pj’s no less.

Back to more weighty subjects tomorrow.

And thanks to The Vermont Country Store for the nightie.

Thanks to Lanz of Salzburg I really mean.

No thanks at all to elasticized undergarments and ironing ,neither of which came into play yesterday…

I know I’ve said before that I never wear those crazy Spanxy things. I once brought home an Extra Large one, just on trial, only to realize I couldn’t have gotten it on without removing a rib.

As I recall it wouldn’t even fit my cat who out-and-out refused to give it a try, even when I offered him fresh mice as payment.

As for the non-ironing in evidence here, that part surprised even me, since I iron the way some people do the Stations of the Cross.

But what can I say? A day off is a day off, right? And even your pets know that that’s precisely what weekends are FOR: just lettin’ it all hang out.

4 thoughts on “Took the Day Off

  1. Andrea Young Martin Ahhhh, choices, ain’t it wunnerful? Giving yourself a break is allowed. ❤
    4 minutes ago
    Unable to post comment. Try Again. That is what was sent to me when I responded on the face page. Hey, I have that same nightie too, very comfy, nice material.

  2. Re: Spanx. Vanitas vanitatem, dixit Ecclesiates, vanitas vanitatem omnia vanitas. Sara Blakely, the inventor, wanted a “flawless body under white pants.” These must have been a compromise with that goal, or I am missing something about the word “flawless”. She is a multi-millionaire, though. Nice photo in the garden. If it should be found by archaeologists in the next epoch, what story would they make up?

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