Birth Control Rx: Cough Strongly After Sex?

This is a clip from National Geographic where two British historians talk about birth control methods that might have been used on the Titanic. Washed up on the shores so to speak and God bless the historians; they are so meticulous.
I’ll let you get right to the link which you have to click on – this is not on YouTube but rather on National Geographic’s own site.
Let’s hear it for these two young British women talking in such a calm and enlightened way about how ’this is a con-dom,’ as they pronounced it, “which was tied on with a pink sort of ribbon.”
They tell how another birth control method of the day was “coughing very strongly after sex . To expel the semen.” Then they both laugh ruefully.
I also know from stories in my own family that some women also douched with Lysol to prevent conception. (Lysol! One elderly family member told me she was sure that’s how her older sister wound up with the uterine cancer that necessitated her early-in-life hysterectomy.)
People have a thousand opinions about abortion but I think virtually everyone sees it as a very poor last resort.
And isn’t it strange that all these years into the modern age we still don’t have a truly safe and effective method of birth control?
Anyway here is some guy’s ‘con-dom’, made of sheep intestine and tied on with a sweet pink bow. (There’s an ad first but it lasts only about 20 seconds.)