Dumb & Dumber

Some people are bigger dopes than me even.

Yesterday when my iPod fell out of my bra and into the bucket of polyurethane I went right to the internet and asked the universe about my dilemma, and – sure enough! Here was some poor schlub looking for help with the same predicament on Yahoo Answers.

“Don” posted this first:

I dropped my iPod in some paint yesterday, and I need to know what would take the paint off. I was quite pissed when it happened, seeing as how the iPod is less than a week old.

Then under ‘Additional Details’ he said,

Also, I forgot to add, it is the iPod classic, not an iPod touch. . .

There were a few suggestions for him on good old YA: One had him carefully wiping the whole outside with mineral spirits which seemed sensible. But my hands-down fave was the one that said, “Pour paint thinner in a container, and soak the iPod in there until all the paint is dissolved.”

Was the guy who wrote that kidding? He was, right? Wasn’t he just messing with poor Don or have electronics really changed so much that you can do this?

I don’t believe it.

I also don’t believe that if I leave the iPod out in the sun the cloudy tornado that now lives on its screen will dry up and go away. My pal and fellow blogger at The Freelance Retort says it will but how can it? Because I didn’t ‘just’ drop it in water. I dropped it in a petroleum-based goo that never dries but just goes on resisting the circular stains from your drunken guests’ cocktail glasses.

Here’s another picture of how it looks now, a lot like yesterday’s with the black cloud in the middle only this one also act as a recommendation for the podcast Stuff You Should Know from How Stuff Works.com..

While I was stripping sanding staining coating sanding coating etc. etc. I was listening to these podcasts, about beer and sweat and whales and the so-called the Lost Continent of Atlantis. I listen to podcasts day and night now and am getting very, very S-M-A-R-T -when it comes to things other than living in the real world, anyway.

BUT! Of the two beds and two bureaus I’m rescuing from 60 years of dried cracked varnish and – yup! – water rings, one bureau is finally done!

Note can of powerful chemical finish-dissolver standing ready for the next piece. I no longer have fingerprints. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Dumb & Dumber

  1. When things don’t work right,, my friend’s sainted grandmother would say: “Just kick it.” That always sets things right By the way,, what’s an Ipod?

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