Yesterday’s Takeaway

What I saw yesterday:

Inside the grocery store a tiny hand reaching out like a pickpocket’s from deep within a baby sling.

Outside that store a child of five taking a picture of a bright purple rhododendron with his papa’s smartphone

What I heard: A young female employee at the coffee shop extravagantly flirting with the young male employee..

What I prepared for supper: salmon in ginger sauce and asparagus and a salad of fennel, toasted walnuts, baby spinach and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Oh and with a fresh made dressing of oil, balsamic and mustard

What I appreciated: How Noah Webster on this date in 1828 first published an American dictionary, in an effort to regulate spelling which had gotten WAY out of hand, even as it flowed from the pen of General George Washington who wrote ‘cloathes’ for ‘clothes’ and other such approximations. Webster was the first to write down and legitimize American words like skunk, hickory, and chowder. He changed musick to music, centre to center, and plough to plow, though the Merriam Webster site reports that “other attempts at reform met with less acceptance… such as his support for modifying tongue to tung and women to wimmen—because this was ‘the old and true spelling’ he said and the one that most accurately indicated its pronunciation.)

What I did not appreciate: the fact that Kate Winslet has judgment about poor Celine Dion and was not very nice recently when she went on the record to say she holds her breath and inwardly rolls her eyes every time she hears her sing that blockbuster song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic that she and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in. That was a disheartening thing to read 100 years after the sinking and it made me have judgment about Kate, which wasn’t very nice of me either.

What I reflected on: How Julie Christie turned 72 and is as beautiful today as ever she was back when she burst onto the scene in the 60’s ( See pictures above and below.) And how Loretta Lynn turned 80 and is still going strong, she who grew up in a place called Butcher Hollow and got taken off the shelf and claimed for marriage at just 13.

I got claimed for marriage when I was just six years older than that, so David and I capping 43 years together come June.

Somehow learning to sing like a lark and out-act everyone in the room didn’t come to me with all those years, but I identify with these two wimmen all the same because Old Dave and I have made some beautiful musick together over the years. Oh and like them, I too know how to smile.

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6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Takeaway

    1. is salmon not a ‘meat’ then? So you are a veggie girl huh Joan? Well you’re my beacon at (how old are you again? It’s ok, no one is listening!) I do want to be just like you. I do …

  1. Lovely, thoughtful piece. I have always had a thing for Julie Christie, ever since “Heaven Can Wait.” And though I have never cared much for seafood, you made yours sound quite enticing. Ah, you writers. Always making us desire what we didn’t even know we desired all along.

    1. Hey George. I always had a thing for Julie too. I was chubby when I first saw her and like the Ruth character in Rabbit Run who prays to God saying Just 20 pounds God, what would it cost you to make me 20 pounds lighter?! Then it happened and I was still my same ofl self with the bangs that wouldn’t lie down flat. that’s when I knew it was time to take the light-hearted view in life 🙂

      Anyway thanks for this George. You’re a writer yourself eh? I know that!

  2. Ah, the salmon sounds so good. I am waiting to use a recipe for a marinated salmon which is then grilled and served with fruit salsa. I wonder, were you really judging the person who found fault with Celine Dion’s singing or just reacting to something that went against the grain? Kate Winslet expressed her opinion; were you not also entitled to yours and so be it if it was to point out that it didn’t sound very nice to you. Well, it didn’t come across as judging to me. I know, I know, I’m prejudiced in your favor but truly, it would only have sounded like judgment to me if you’d written she’s a blankety blank, la-di-do would be music critic.

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