Be Who You Are While There’s Still Time

I need a day off. Today I chose funeral music and pictures, ordered all the flowers,  filed a column, read three paragraphs of a book that made me cry and finally got my ears blown out at that big fancy hospital in Boston where nobody is better than anybody else. I like that.

Looking for old photos  of Uncle Ed I found this one of David’s mom and me on our girl Annie’s high school graduation  day.

That was the year we had a blizzard in April and people’s roofs fell in I remember.

It’s also the year I so damaged my hair with straightener that I wasn’t even allowed to blow dry  for six months. And my hair is naturally curly.

It was as if curly black kudzu had invaded New England…

I had supper last night with Old Dave’s cousin Barbara who has gorgeous white hair that she wears short. She says I should throw the Lady Clairol out and do what she has done.

She may be right. I remember what my friend Carol said when she saw my hair back in ’97. She said “Finally! The outside matches the inside.”

Food for thought, food for thought….   

And now back to funeral planning .. 

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