Words & Music

Day dawned and that old sun rose and any minute true warmth will come to this cool, cool region.

Peace to all today. Peace and wind chimes and also a poem.

First the music….

And then the words….

What Would Happen Then by April Bernard

A bird, bright and quick,

blue with livid streaks,

would arrive on the windowsill

as official harbinger

and then….

The low would be raised up

the sneers crushed under their own bricks,

the teeter-totter would cease to choose sides

and sit in peaceful sway on its fulcrum.

The kiss that had been held back

all those years at last would release

into the mouth in flood,

And ‘why not?’ would replace all other dicta,

but gently, as a sunlit nudge.

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4 thoughts on “Words & Music

  1. You have a gift for these very brief pearls Frank! Thanks for this on this morning when not everyone rose and came back to us – on this plane anyway. Happy Easter friend..

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