Deaf as a Haddock

I went to the hospital yesterday to have my ears blown out. Lately I’ve been as deaf as a haddock.

Because I’m an idiot however, I neglected to insert the drops twice a day for four days ahead of time and so they sent me home again.

Still deaf. Possibly more deaf because in trying with her fearful irrigation equipment to shake things loose in there, the nice nurse created such a fearful din that my auditory nerves collapsed in fright.

I have to go back Monday.

She didn’t scold me. She even walked me up front and cancelled the charges for the visit which was more than nice. Still, there’s no doubt they all thought I was an idiot.

I know it was stupid of me. It’s just that I was so busy in the days leading up to the appointment and when you squirt the drops on in there, you’re supposed to then lie down for 15 minutes on one side and how was I going to do that twice daily when I don’t even SIT course of the day never mind lie down?

I will though; I’ll do it. I hate not being able to hear. I spend a lot of time with teenagers and teenagers say these really funny things all the time, but they only say them once. They’re not about to repeat them for the hard of hearing.

And to be honest, I’m not sad about having to go back to the hospital Monday. I saw a few interesting things in the elevator yesterday and I expect I’ll see more interesting things next week.

I can tell you about yesterday’s interesting things here tomorrow but right now old Dave is saying something in the other room and I have to go find out what it is. The man certainly does MUMBLE!

This is he on the right, a mumbler if ever I knew one. On the left? That’s  just me without my wig. (I am pretty tiny since I began shrinking after menopause. I’m shopping in Toddlers nowadays. 🙂 )

5 thoughts on “Deaf as a Haddock

  1. Now I’ve been following your posts for a while and I’m pretty sure you also spoke about a moustache? So let me get this straight your a hard of hearing petite person with a moustache….. now you’ve conjured up quite a picture there 😆 I hope all goes well with your next appointment.

  2. You’ve just described MY life . . . ear lavage twice a year, married to a mumbler, shrinking . . . i don’t feel so alone now, but i’ll skip the mustache, thankyouverymuch! You’re one funny woman, Terry Marotta. — tho i guess i’ve said that once or twice before.

    1. well thanks Peggy! That means a lot coming from you! I keep the mustache down with the yearly hotwax-and-snatch-job at the salon. Otherwise I’m working on Acceptance 🙂

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