At The Flea Market

At the flea market there’s something for everyone:

Hearty snacks,

And specimens from nature (?)


Fine collectibles…


And beautiful people… 

Especially this beautiful person, our darling god-daughter Grace.

Seeing her in that setting put me in mind of that great Nanci Griffith’s song where ‘Rita was sixteen years, hazel eyes and chestnut hair,  she made the Woolworth counter shine’ – because this Grace of ours doesn’t make the fake bear-head and the computer mouse from 1995 and the Starsky and Hutch picture look bad; rather she endows them with some of her glow, just like the song says. 🙂

5 thoughts on “At The Flea Market

  1. I believe the man in the blue top and white shorts is Howie Carr a radio ‘personality’ and writer for the Boston Herald.

  2. Oh goodness! I know Howie Carr, or at least who he is. No, Lynda, that man is my husband, who is actually 5years bit older than Howie And so would be be pleased to be mistaken for him – were it not for his politics that is !

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