Little Miss Do-It-All

Tough getting up today, especially if you’re like me and you overworked all weekend – if you can call it work bringing seven male teens to see some Shakespeare, then having supper with them before going to play laser tag until 10 at night. That was all fun, as was going to see the most amazing troupe of young actors perform an original version of The Pied Piper. It was also fun to write my 1000th post; fun to take notes in a deli for this week’s column, fun to do it all –

If only I had stopped before I began refinishing the furniture.

I notice people kind of hate you if you seem to be organized and ‘productive’ and have it all together. I know I’ve drawn some fire in the past from people for being neat and having spices that were alphabetized and all but if they get even a little closer they see: You don’t live this way because you choose to. You live this way because even after all these years you are still pursued by these nameless Hounds of Hell who make you think that it’s not enough to just BE your own little self, you also have to also DO, and serve all the time. So they will love you I suppose. So they maybe won’t leave.

I knew I had crossed the line when I saw myself pulling those two dusty and wrecked old bedsteads out of the attic and starting in on the job of refinishing them, just because one of my kids spotted them in there a few weeks ago and indicated they were maybe pretty nice beds under all those scratchmarks.

Now, on this Monday March 12th, besides working a full day and taking a 91-year-old man to the cardiologist and buying the food and cooking, I also have to finish staining two foot boards, and getting the whole mess out of the kitchen where I was working on the project – which feels like a pretty tall order to me right now.

I bet all our Monday chores feel like pretty tall orders to all of us playing the Daylight Savings game, which is everyone in the U.S. anyway especially when we woke at 6:00 or 7:00 and already felt like we were an hour behind and low on sleep besides.

Ah well. I guess today I’ll just start in again with those mantras I learned in those 12-step Al-Anon meetings, like One Day at a Time, and Easy Does It, and Don’t Just Do Something Stand There.

But gosh the old wood sure looks great. Here’s the “Before” with the old finish off but no stain:

And here’s the wood with just one coat:

You liberate the living tree when you strip and refinish a piece of wood. If only it were as easy to liberate yourself.

4 thoughts on “Little Miss Do-It-All

    1. there are two matching bureaus, a mirror and a chair.. I am doing them all so I can pass them on to one of our kids. They come from a very hopeful moment in my life, when my mom decided to move to a kind of assisted living facility right near me. We bought it all used (natch) and one of the beds and one of the bureaus and the graceful side chair and the mirror went to her new little room. “I feel like I’m in college again!” she said when we got her all moved in. What a good sport she was. But didn’t she turn out to love it there. She loved her new pals and infected them with her rebellious spirit.

      Thanks, friend, for helping me remember all that!

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