Poor Me (Sob)

You can really get the blues when the weather is cold and your lips are chapped and every time you see a fresh photo of yourself you look more and more like Mother Theresa, shown here getting fast-tracked to sainthood in this great cartoon by John Spooner.

The Mother Theresa part is fine actually.

The Mother Theresa part I’m getting used to.

I just have that kind of face.

It’s the kind Zelda Fitzgerald had where her face was so full and rosy in youth and then just skinnied on down when her 20s were behind her.


It happened to Rose Kennedy too.

It’s an Irish thing maybe.

I had this little button nose in my youth. They called me ‘Dish Face’ my nose was so small in relation to that giant lightbulb of a forehead and sizeable chin.

Now scarily, my nose is growing, and one day I will look like this. This is a relative of ours whose picture I found after my mom died, her name somehow lost to history though she sure does resemble all the old people on my grandma Maloney’s side.

So there’s all that. And then there’s the fact that I feel like I’ve never BEEN anywhere much. People are always going to Aruba and the Bahamas and all but have I ever been to either of those places even once? Nope.

My best friend just got back from Alaska and a month before that she was in Antarctica paddling a kayak. PADDLING A KAYAK!

And what do Old Dave and I do by contrast? We read our books. We bicker about who left the bathroom light on this time. We fall asleep early.

Maybe we don’t have enough Serotonin and should medicate ourselves like the other 80% of Americans.

Maybe we just lack the travel gene.

Well, enough whining. We are going to Florida for a gasket convention for three days later this month and I should be happy about that.

I am pretty happy about that actually because I lied about that being the picture of some anonymous crone above. That’s really me and as you can see I’m kinda developing a little mustache. I figure three days in the Florida sun will lighten that up to where it’ll hardly show at all. 🙂

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