Break a Leg Billy!

Billy Crystal’s big night is tonight. I love him; I root for him, even though he now looks a little like North Korea’s newly deceased dictator. Even though to many viewers’ minds it will be as if someone dug up Teddy Roosevelt and asked him to host the Oscars.

It’s not that way for me. And old Teddy Roosevelt could never do what Billy can do, however jovial he might have been with those great big chompers.

Just look at this tape from the early 80’s. It’s so funny with his bit about his high school full of meek Jewish kids facing off against the giants from Erasmus High.. And the part where he talks about puberty hitting. Billy sure had it ~  and my money says he still does.

2 thoughts on “Break a Leg Billy!

  1. “…meek Jewish kids”??? They weren’t like that at Newton High School when they wore orange shoes on St. Patrick’s Day. Orange ties and orange sweaters too. Boy, were they ever brave!

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