Spring is…. Coming?

So what if we do get a little snow today? I’m watching three robins prowl silent as the nuns of my childhood, eavesdropping on the poor worms passing between classes in their underground corridors.

I’m looking at two crocuses holding up their cupped blossom like so many pale-purple shot-glasses. “Fill us!” they say, like young Oliver Twist at the workhouse. “Please, sir, may I have some more?” they are saying to that warming sun.

We laugh at the snow and wind. Look at these blooms from the Smith College hothouse. Soon these blooms will be everywhere

Well, wait a minute.

Sure I can laugh, safe in the land of the Alcotts and Thoreau, in quaint old not-much-doin’ New England where things are generally quiet.

I guess I wouldn’t laugh if I lived out by Boulder County Colorado when these winds came through on Wednesday.

Here is a video of what a wind can do. I’d show you the truck blown over out there but the footage is embedded in the Channel 9 News site and first you have to watch a long ad in which a heavy lady talks about how her life changed when she skinnied out on some miracle diet product.

It’s upsetting to see a truck go over on its side, as bad as seeing a race horse founder and fall, because you know there’s a person in it. It does show what Nature can do though; and it isn’t funny at all.

That Channel 9 News site also showed a schoolboy with his backpack being blown right over and skidding upended like a turtle along the roadway. That wasnt funny either.

It’s never funny when Nature does this. Remember the floods of ’94?

This was the Chagrin River in Ohio that year,

We forget.

We shouldn’t.

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