Weekend Arrives Just in Time

This is me today, wallowing in the Saturday vibe. Hang that Gone Fishin’ sign!

Slept like a baby last night, without help too. Was it the hour-long Aerobics class?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Arrives Just in Time

  1. Are you a Type-A personality, TT? A’s need diversions such as the aerobics class or Yoga or deep meditation. If possible, combine these with classes in Gregorian chant, or just ohmmmmm. I think the best cure for sleeplessness is a large bowl of chili, where one’s feet can slosh around in those mean beans to their heart’s content. You gotta hand it to those Dartmouth men – they sure know their chili.


    1. I am type A Joan. I do love Gregorian chant , even more than chili! One year the only way I could write – when this house was filled with 5 kids and david’s brother and his wife, dog and child – was to lock myself in our upstairs study and put on a CD of Gergorian chant.

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