On bright days like we’ve been having I want to be like those lucky housepets who spend the day moving from room to room in pursuit of each warm pool of sunlight.

Here’s a sunny room above.

And here’s a cat who knows just what to do with it:

I want to go down on my stomach and rest my chin on my paws too – ah!

This winter sun is still slanty enough so that it’s right in here with us, like that warm light on top of your fish tank.

It’s more than ‘in here’ with us; it came expressly to spend the day with us, as with a playdate arranged by unseen parents. It makes me want to put on skates and hold a roller derby zooming around the rooms. It makes me want draw 50 pictures and tape them to the wall going up the stairs like my sister and I did that Saturday morning our mom dared sleep until 8.

She was pretty mad when it turned out to be a permanent exhibit.
(Who knew the tape would take the wallpaper with it when we pulled it off.)

We kids didn’t mind it; so for us it just made a nicely unusual art gallery, like the kind Jack Nicholson-as-the-Joker makes when he and his goons come calling at the Gotham City museum. (That’s below if you want to take a peek.)

But listen the sun really is getting stronger every day, can’t you feel it? And yet it’s still so close to us. It likes Earth better than those other planets, that’s all.

Yeah I’ll say it again. A day like this just wants to make you stretch right out.

Now for some weird late-80s pop and Jack Nicholson with the ultimate Face Lift Gone Wrong. 🙂

One thought on “Playdate

  1. Great post. We learn so much from our cats about relaxing, enjoyment, savoring the moment and love. 🙂 And we all learn much from your sharing that reminds us about just what is important. Thank you. 🙂

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