But Don’t Get a Swelled Head

They try to make me feel good, these guys who host my blog: They just issued a report saying that if I were an exhibit at the Louvre, it would take three days for all the people who came to my blog in 2011 to see it.

And I find that very nice indeed – even though I know very well that at least half of these people came  hoping to see pictures of ladies in bras.

Or not in bras.

Or because they spotted the tag “men’s underpants.”

I posted for 364 of last year’s 365 days and am told that my busiest day was October 19when I wrote something I titled “Call Me Miss Hannigan.”

Go figure.

I don’t think I wrote about a drunken orphanage boss but let’s have a look. Ah yes, here it is now, one of those whiney posts.

I forget what the most popular post was in 2010 but in 2009 it was the piece I wrote about Rosemary Kennedy, the “other sister” in the Kennedy clan, the one with the botched lobotomy.

My mother knew her. She didn’t know the rest of the family, except for the iron matriarch Rose whose clipped and imperious letters I still have in my attic.

She sure knew Rosemary though. They slept in the same cabin for three weeks. .

And my most popular post in 2008, indeed my most popular post of all time?

One called “Peachy Keen: Dirty Pictures” that  had an antique photo in it that just proves the old truth that if a girl covers up just a little she will end up looking far sexier than if she went totally nude. That one is here with its picture below

So there it is: my report card so far. I’m rounding the home stretch to the 1,000-post goal just now. Come with me and let’s see how the world looks to us from there.

A life well spent eh? Well, laugh and the world laughs with you!

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