Prey Unceasingly

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you, as they say…

And just because you’re not watching them doesn’t mean they’re not watching you.

This is a beautiful and amazing video of an owl caught on camera just as he’s swooping down on his prey,

It stirs up many responses in me all at once:

Like how much fun it must be to fly, a thought I have at least once a day every day.

And also…

what amazing strong legs he has;

and the glory of his plumage;

and the intricate workings of those talons.

I’m joking with the paranoid talk. The video doesn’t really make me feel hunted by anything: not illness, or bad luck, or even death.

Anyway, death isn’t like this, as far as I can tell. Death is more of a subsiding. And whatever the agent of your death, in the movie of your life it’s the loss of oxygen that makes the projector stop. (I learned that by reading physician Sherwin Neuland’s oddly comforting book How We Die.)

No, this creature’s slow-motion pounce doesn’t remind me of death at all, even though his landing spelled death for his meek victim. His flight, his pounce, his grace and energy remind me of life and all life’s beauty.

7 thoughts on “Prey Unceasingly

  1. Beautiful creature..years ago in Vermont, I lived atop Mt. Equinox in a hermitage. Every night, at exactly the same time, around 8 O’Clock, a big owl would perch on a tall pine about 25 yards from my window…and hoot..”hoo-hoo…hoo-hoo..” echoing through the silent and vast was a thing I’ll always treasure…an experience that took me out of myself to where the owl was in its’ element…some call it “one with nature.” I only know I miss him and his hooting call…he had become a friend.

  2. One of Leia’s and my favorite books, ‘Owl Moon’ ..where a father and daughter go out to find a great horned owl just after midnight. Great video!

    1. I do not know that book Kathy. Owls have magical powers I feel sure. Or anyway something. Look at Merlin’s owl, And that owl-pal of Christopher Robin, so sagacious..

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