Look at it This Way

So here’s how I really feel….

…Most of the time.

I got used to this position during my Catholic girlhood when, every Sunday like clockwork, I fainted in church.

“Put her head between her knees!” the grownups  were always shouting. (Adults were cruel in those days.)

“Turn her upside down!”

I knew better than anyone in the congregation how much gum there really IS stuck under those pews.

Now of course we all feel this way.

Especially in the month of December at whose rag-tag end we now find ourselves.

This squirrel was in our hawthorn tree all day, even doing the Houdini move to get at the last of the berries.

Can’t blame him.

After the first he too will probably be joining Weight Watchers.

Don’t scoff, yo. It works if you work it. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Look at it This Way

  1. There must be a lot of confused middle aged Catholics in your town who grew up wondering why, nowadays, the other churches just gloss over the part of the mass where it’s traditional to turn the young curly haired girl upside-down….

  2. My friend’s father used to lunch regularly at Thompson’s Spa in Boston. Usually only men dined there. However, on one particular day there was a woman eating lunch, when all of a sudden she began to choke. A nearby gentleman (who at that time had never heard of the Heimlich Maneuver) quickly turned the woman upside down. And guess what … I mustn’t say, because our urbane sophisticate would blush down to his socks. Oy, oy.

  3. I used to feel faint in church all the time, Terry, as a child & teen! I never actually passed out, though. Because my mother had taken me to the prayer (healing) sessions at the Mission Church, I was always afraid that I was close to being overcome by the Holy Spirit – scary stuff for a child!

    1. I thought that too Karen! Right before you faint everything goes white, right? I always thought I was having a vision of some kind!
      That Mission church was so thrilling, with all the crutches mounted on the wall… Roxbury: cool place to grow up!

  4. Probably in the 40s, 50s . He was the Music Director there for quite a while. My sister married his son, Maurice, and the extended family are devoted tp music. Diana met Maurice when she was studying piano at BU; he was a student teacher there. Before his retirement, Maurice headed the Music Dept. at Dracut High School. What marvelous musical shows were performed there! Now they are devotees of the symphony at Orlando, FL. He plays organ at their SRO church in Indialantic.They have 2 pianos and an organ in their house, making it a distinct pleasure to visit them. Of course, we are all OLD now, but still able to enjoy all of life.

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