Look at it This Way

So here’s how I really feel….

…Most of the time.

I got used to this position during my Catholic girlhood when, every Sunday like clockwork, I fainted in church.

“Put her head between her knees!” the grownups  were always shouting. (Adults were cruel in those days.)

“Turn her upside down!”

I knew better than anyone in the congregation how much gum there really IS stuck under those pews.

Now of course we all feel this way.

Especially in the month of December at whose rag-tag end we now find ourselves.

This squirrel was in our hawthorn tree all day, even doing the Houdini move to get at the last of the berries.

Can’t blame him.

After the first he too will probably be joining Weight Watchers.

Don’t scoff, yo. It works if you work it. 🙂