Heeeeere’s Brian!

Rather than inflict any more Irish moroseness on the world today, I’d like to turn things over to a friend who just proposed himself as my co-host.

I met this friend last June and found him unforgettable.

Well actually I’ve really only met him here. I have never met him met him.

So click here to read what he has to say today. He’s the only person I know who also thinks morris dancing is funny which it is.

I read his every post and have infected him, he claims, with the notion that we should keep writing as often as we can even though it sometimes feels as though WE are the tree falling in the forest that nobody hears.

His name is Brian Moloney, spelled just that weird way with an O and not like the way we REAL Maloneys spell it. (Maloney was my grandmother’s name) but kin all the same.

He seems always happy, like this crowd of Moloneys whose picture was taken in 1910.

(Quite a contrast to my sad mom and her sad sibs if you remember the photo taken the same morning! It’s here if you don’t.)

Plus he makes bad puns on the word Yule (See above).

Anyway he always makes me laugh every time, so check him out. For sure his pictures are way more fun than my pictures.