Some days all you can do is pray on it all. This picture if from 1986:

This one is from 1988:

I was 36 when I met these guys. I was the English  tutor in the ABC program.

Now I’m 62, yet I can still feel my 13-year-old self inside me, so serious a girl then.

I was merry as a small child, then I grew grave as my circumstances changed. Then I met David and married and have been merry ever since.

He thinks I’m funny. Wrong a lot, but funny. 

I think he’s funny too. Truth is, we’ve only recently stopped dumping cold water on the other guy while he or she is in the shower… Good times~

Uncle Ed is 91 today. Our honorary daughter-in-law Veronica bought all his favorites foods to him at lunchtime. She and I met at his apartment and it was so cheery on a dark rainy day.

Once he looked like this when he was four years in the South Pacific:

Life is so mysterious. If I get 91 years it will be 2040… Can’t wait to see where we all are by then!   

2 thoughts on “Mysterious

  1. Hey Gwen! No, actually Uncle Ed married Frances Payne, the sister of David’s mother Ruth Payne. He is a first-generation American whose parents fled from Armenia in the nineteen-teens…

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