Fill ‘er Up

So let’s return to what’s funny, to keep our spirits up with all these early sundowns.

One of the funniest things ever to happen in this house happened when Annie and her palsSusan  were talking in the bathroom. Maybe they were in 8th grade.

Kids are always doing things you can’t believe they’re doing; we know that.

On this particular day as they were laughing the way only kids in 8th grade can laugh, Annie gave herself a quick boost up so she could sit on the vanity into which the sink was set if you can picture it.

No one commented on this – until, after a bit, Annie went to hop down off the sink only to find that the rear belthook of her pants was looped around under the spigot. She couldn’t turn around enough to see what was happening; she was hooked, with no more freedom of movement than a fish on a line has.

All she could so was reach two hands around behind her and with one hand try grasping the faucet while with the other she tried pushing down and unhooking that belt hook .

And no one thought to help because her whole hind end filled the sink; there wasn’t room for another set of hands.

They were laughing too hard already. But when in her effort to get free she ended up leaning on the two taps, they really laughed – because of course what she had done was to open them both by leaning on them so that water from coming from the common tap released torrents of water down into her pants.

I could hear the shrieks three floors away. And though I didn’t witness the scene, in my mind I can just picture it: water barreling out of the tap and a little wisp of a girl changing before their very eyes into Violet Beauregard from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. One minute she looked like this:

And the next she looked like this:

It’s a lesson to us all I guess, to look first before backing into a thing.

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