It’s Now or Never, Kid

Here is a thought for this newly hatched day, when we woke amazed by the streaming golden light flooding in our windows at 6am (only 6:00!) 

Here is a thought for this first day of violet evening coming, as it does in my part of the world, with the children scarce home from school.

It’s a poem called ‘Time Change’ by Gloria Lewyn that I copied out of a magazine in the days when my babies napped away the afternoons. It goes like this: 

Time is different with a digital watch.

The minutes that used to limp around

The small dial on my left wrist

Come in early these days

Like the train.

I wound it myself then

But now time has changed.

It jumps up at me


Hours minutes seconds even days

Into then.

My new watch says

It’s now or never, kid.

Whatever became of o’clock?

You could make it last as long as an ice bar

Or another kiss,

Walk in late

And still be on time.

I found it so long ago as it seems to me now, and yet its words shiver me still.  It’s now or never, kid. 

Let’s make it now.