Body Talk

How ’bout we make this Frank Talk About the Body Week here at Exit Only? I figure we might as well since we began the week evoking the image of a man sleeping with one leg thrown over his bedmate. In fact let’s start there:

I know lots of guys like to sleep that way and if their partners like it too, fine. Still, I have trouble imagining that many women like it. I mean here you are sound asleep and suddenly boom! a 40-pound leg arrives on the delicate breadbasket of your pelvis. AND you’re lying on your side where there isn’t that much cushioning!

I know I couldn’t be with a guy who liked sleeping that way. I go a million miles away when I sleep. And when I wake I’m not sure even sure who I am never mind what century it is. I’d be a terrible candidate for this kind of straddle-spooning. Lucky for me I’m 40 years with the same guy who sleeps like the very dead, even when awake. Plus he was a preemie and did time in an incubator. That means he totally gets it about the need for ‘space’ when you’re sleeping.

But back to our human bodies which are let’s face it the least unique and most interchangeable things about us. Yet there’s all this talk always about the body, who’s thin, who’s thinner, who’s had breast augmentation, who’s had his back-hair dipped in hot wax and snatched off so as to look better on the beach or in bed. What must God think of us?

I bet He’s proud of the ones who have honored the body and told the truth about it. This is the 40th anniversary of Our Bodies Ourselves, a book about women’s health and sexuality produced by the organization then called the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective back in ’71.

Let’s talk a little about that tomorrow, why not. I won’t make anybody blush I promise, or encourage you to speculate about your friends sleep. In fact let’s call the picture below “What are YOU lookin’ at?” Because the sleeping room as they call it in German really is the one place we  can find sweet oblivion, and our minds can rest at last as slumber knits up what Shakespeare called the ‘raveled sleeve of care’. 

8 thoughts on “Body Talk

  1. Terry, There are times I sincerely appreciate that intimate closeness with my cats. They are very intuitive and seem to know just when it is needed. It is something we can learn from them. Amazing how we are all wired differently. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the first snowflakes tomorrow. Am still a kid at heart.

    1. I think you are Dick though we met only that one time I gave a talk at the Rockland Library – remember?
      My sister tells me cats kept in nursing homes always know when a person is nearing death and they go and keep vigil with that person …I like that ..

  2. Hi Terry,

    Sounds like an interesting week.

    After 42 years with my mate, we truly love the wide open spaces of our King-size Temperpedic. I roll, snore and make other biological sounds with no elbow, knee or hip responses from the other side. We both sleep in true Peace.

    As for the cats, you’re quite right concerning the nursing homes. I have seen it first hand. Our own cats will even keep vigil when we’re simply not feeling well.



  3. Hey girls, you don’t need to go all the way under the mounting leg! Just try a little foot-rubbing with your man as you are getting your passport stamped on the sleep border…

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