Circuit Breaker? or Did I Have a Stroke?

Thank God for the days when life really fizzes for you and you can capture some of the lovely suds of it as it spills over the lip of your glass. If you’re a chronicler like me, you get to capture that foaming excess in words. 

It’s raining again which is fine but at 5am I went to turn on my bedside table lamp and there was a snapping sounds and a flash and the whole room plus the bathroom lost power. And the power STAYED out, a good 30 minutes.

I staggered out to the kitchen thinking What if the whole house is out? I’m alone here today so I sure hoped that wasn’t the case.

In the kitchen I came upon this little guest towel embroidered for me as a gift by the mother of my wonderful friend Lou Benson, Bodywork guru. Luckily, the kitchen lights still worked but as I stood tried to gather my thoughts I realized I couldn’t read the little embroidered words on the towel at all. See?

“Good heavens! Have I lost the ability to crack the code of reading? ” was all I could think. Maybe it was MY circuitry that got zapped and not just the Ground Fault Interrupt on the other side of the house.

It unsettled me for sure – until I saw that the towel was merely wrong side to so that what I was seeing was in fact the backs of the little cross stitches.

I have to admit it’s not hard for something to unsettle me lately. I think that’s true for all of us in these jumpy times. But for me when an unsettling moment turns into a whole unsettled day it’s often because I’m thinking “Lord, lord, what will I write for tomorrow?”

Why worry about that though; always there is some small thing.

Today it was that little towel talking to me in an unreadable language. Tomorrow maybe it will be something as cool as these seeming ping pong balls that just rolled up against the bottom of the front porch steps. Can you tell what they are really?  They weren’t here an hour ago. Aren’t they darling? What are they and who do you think put them there? 

11 thoughts on “Circuit Breaker? or Did I Have a Stroke?

  1. It is the times we live in, Terry. That’s why your openness and vulnerability is so precious. As was said to Esther, “You were born for a time such as this.”. Have learned to be more careful about the things I allow into my head and what I spread. Enjoy the solitude today and thanks for the blessing of letting us know we are not alone. 🙂

    1. it has been a wonderful little ‘retreat’ I have been having all by myself though I almost fled home as darkness came on and the wind rose. Glad I didn’t. In our regular settings we sometimes can’t THINK have you noticed that too Dick?

      1. I’m glad you didn’t flee, also.

        We would have missed this posting. Have grown very comfortable with solitude in my regular setting since it allows me to listen better to that “still, small voice”.

      2. there is so much I keep forgetting until I’m alone Dick! Even big things like the realization that all will be well even at the hour of our death. what is this modern-day angst we all gave?

      3. Was going to send an e-mail for more privacy, but decided against it. Personally, believe we live in the days that the Bible speaks about. Everywhere we look there is anger, dissension, division. Hardly ever hear about consensus anymore. Way too much tension than we were made for. Another thing is that we are all getting older and every day seeing people moving on as changes happen in my own body with energy, recovering after a simple cold, etc.

        I see this as a time of excellent opportunity to make a difference with those around us. You are doing that. People need to know they are not alone with their angst, yet they don’t have to let it ruin their day. Accept it, feel it and move on. Shedding tears goes with the territory, but so does laughter.

  2. So interesting : these DON’T feel like the last days to me but I sure am with you on the tears! Just watched the whole season of the Big C on Netflix about a young mother with Stage 4 melanoma. it was all very light-hearted until that final episode. My gosh I wept!

  3. “careful about the things I allow into my head…” How true. I believe we ARE what we read and what we see, so as a result we have to be guardians against much that is out there. We must be careful about what is allowed into our heads. You are so right, Richard.

  4. Given the rain, those ping pong balls look like they could be “puff balls”, a type of (mushroom? fungus?) that looks like a ping pong ball until you touch it and a cloud of spores (harmless) whooshes out into the air. They also look like eggs, (we have a ton of chickens out here on the island, that get out of their yards and lay a clutch of eggs just any old where! Sometimes life seems so surreal. I just went through about a month with no electricity and no phone (not my fault, just glad it was warm enough to do some camping in the safety and relative dryness of my home…tried to keep a good attitude and would have been more successful if it HAD been my fault cuz then I’d only have myself to blame). Still, those who encountered or came up to visit (whoops, that’s why you call first) were completely amazed at my attitude. So sure I worry about stuff, but my first line of defense is my crazy, sometimes misplaced or even inappropriate sense of humor. But who says it’s inappropriate (or I should say who has the RIGHT to, since I’m only laughing at myself and my plights! Strange when people tell me “It’s not funny”. Not like I’m laughing at them! God wants us to be happy, and as long as we’re doing everything we can, I’d think he’d rather us laugh at ourselves (which is an ironic show faith) than cry! Alas, I do plenty of crying too…

  5. I live on Peaks Island, off Portland ME, and grew up taking week-long 50-60 mile back-packing hikes on the Appalachian trail with my father and all the kids in the neighborhood who’s parents were too afraid to let them come along! Experiences of a lifetime! And for a long time, Walden and Thoreau were my FAVORITE thinkers I mean writers! But I DO get in trouble with my wry (though God-given) sense of humor. It took me a long time to realize that if someone didn’t know I was joking, then of COURSE they’d think I was whacked! Downside of being happy with a dry sense of humor, people think you’re weird, when in fact you’re probably more “down to earth” then they!

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