In the Nick of Time

My plants came back from summer camp in the nick of time. Since the first of May they have been on the screened-in  porch having fun and providing homes for the many tiny spiders and that was all great – until last week went the painters showed up. I saw then that even if they hadn’t gotten unceremoniously lifted and toted inside with the arrival of the ladders and the paint buckets, their days out there were numbered. I mean it was going to be in the 30s last night – too cold for their little membranous parts. And luckily we haven’t turned the heat on yet so they won’t feel shocked by the dry choking air the furnace pumps out.

The time was right, and I knew it. People mostly do know when the time has come for an ending.

So I sat down with each plant and sorted through its petticoats, cleaning away spider webs and dust. I watered and misted each one and let it tell me what corner of the house it wanted to be in.

Some chose the kitchen.

The peace lilies need a lot of water and will wilt and throw their little green arms over the sides of their pots if they don’t get enough – they’re very theatrical that way – so I’m keeping them close. Same with all the Christmas Cactuses which they never do bloom at Christmas but start in a good six or eight week before then, taking their cue from retail sales I guess and whipping up the old mania for holiday shopping. And the violets…

….Well the violets keep their own counsel. Sometimes they blossom and sometimes they don’t. They’re like kids in Middle School the way they only one to hang with each other and one will only do what the others do.

I’ve had my share of gardenias this year but they’re ready for bed bow I sense.

I do buy cut flowers at the store when the price is right and they’re pretty while they last but if you want a plant with good foliage that looks like a million bucks year after year go with that tough customer the pothos. Big or little hanging or climbing,  a pothos will gladden your heart on the day rain drums on the windows; and on a sunny day like this? Garden of Eden, baby. Garden of Eden.

The sun is just coming up as I write this and it looks to be another gorgeous autumn day for those of us above the grass here. So let’s all enjoy it!