High School Reunion

my sister Nan, lucky David and I in 1974 (in the great age of tanning)

I went to see Ronaldo Friday in hopes that my super-curly hair might look at least a little normal for my big class reunion, which took place last night. But then mere hours out of the salon I was out moving a dining room set in the pouring rain and my hair just went crazy.

With 98% humidity again yesterday I knew it wasn’t likely to look much different by reunion time no matter how much I blow-dried it; no matter how hard I squeezed it between the searing ceramic plates of the flatiron. It was curly back then; why would my classmates expect any different now?

This picture above shows David in his John Denver stage flanked by my blond sister Nan and me, both of us in the kind of dress our cohort of women would wear to say a 5th reunion. (Halter tops were huge in the 70s.)

Dressing for last night’s affair all these years later, I knew I wouldn’t go the plunging neckline route.

Or the spike heel route (and really when did that ever seem a good idea for a woman?)

Would I even wear a skirt, or would I panic-buy some kind of glitzy slacks-and-a-tunic-with-shoulder-pads getup like the Golden Girls?

At 3pm I still didn’t know.

When I went to David’s class reunion last spring I wore a warm autumn-brown ensemble and could hardly breathe inside its tourniquet of a bustier, so the Ace bandage around the thoracic region was out.

In the end I was leaning toward my one good pair of slacks and a top handed down to me (handed up to me?) by one of my daughters, the more clothes-conscious one.

Anyway I wasn’t that worried. I knew that unless we all showed up looking like Crusty the Clown nobody was going to be paying that much attention, because the action is all on the inside by the time people get to be our age. Exterior things just don’t matter that much, and isn’t THAT a blessing and a relief. You know it is!

8 thoughts on “High School Reunion

  1. Realistic. There is nothing more comical, or sad, than to see a gal, say, 60, dressed like Brittany Spears. It happens. The world is a strange place. We have all seen these “Hot Mama’s” strutting their stuff as other women whisper in passing, “Is she serious?”People are far more attractive when they dress “age appropriate.” It is indeed a relief when one is true to thyself.

    1. I SHUDDER to think how many people thought “Is she SERIOUS?” when I walked by in earlier stages of my life, but 15 years ago or so I did charge my kids with the task of making SURE I didn’t become the grandma at the kindergarten play who shows up in a fringed leather miniskirt and go-go boots.

  2. hi Terry
    It’s Joan G
    One of your fellow Lowell graduates.
    I thought we all looked pretty good.
    No one was over dressed or under dressed
    I had a great time. I was very relaxed. At this age you don’t have to impress
    anybody or mind your p’s and q’s.

    Quite different from when we were in high school, at least from my standpoint.
    My only qualm (am I spelling this right?) was seeing the list of all our former
    classmates who are deceased now. What a shocker!
    I wsh I could go back to those years in high school. I would enjoy myself more
    an not be so self conscious.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your take on the night.

  3. Hey Joan I would too. I was so self-conscious I could hardly lift my eyes from the floor in new groups. It really showed up when I went off to college. I guess the key was becoming self-forgetful huh?
    I found it all very moving. Aren’t we 133 who came the lucky ones too huh? 🙂

  4. Hi Terry, yes, I too, suffered through the unexpected late September day of high humidity and did the “battle of the frizzies” right along with you! After 2 washings/blow-drying/lots of product, I managed to get out of my air-conditioned house, run to my air-conditioned car and run into the air-conditioned function hall hoping that my short exposure to the humidity would not cancel out all my hard work! And once we all arrived and the socializing started I forgot all about my hair…..


  5. Everyone looked great and interacted with each other in a most kind way. Gone were the “clicks” of old LHS days. I think the length of deceased list leveled the “playing field” at the reunion. I agree with Terry the attendees were the lucky ones. Because this was the first reunion we all realized how mortal we are. It was like the first days after 9/11 when we all became considerate of each other; be it in traffic or in the aisles of the supermarket.
    Not only the lottery winners left with goodies; but all the attendees left with warm feelings towards there fellow classmates and themselves too. The lack self confidence most of us had in high school was quickly erased that evening. And we all left with something you can’t win, fond memories and peace with ourselves.
    Special thanks to the senior members of the reunion committee

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