Go to Bed!

I slept until 8:30 these last two days. 8:30! It scared me to death.

I know John Updike preferred getting up later than everyone else – he liked to let others arrange the world before he stepped down into it he used to say – but you sure won’t catch us nervous types doing that. WE want to arrange the world, thanks very much. Aren’t we the ones responsible for making the sun rise every day? You know we are.

I was only able to sleep so late because at 4am both days I got up and worked for an hour; just woke up at 4:00 on my own, wrote madly for a spell and fell back in the bed at 5:00, there to sleep like the dead.

I’m doing too much, I know, but I’ve always done too much. Tonight I have to go to Parents Night at the high school, even though my own last kid graduated back in’ 02, but the second I get home I’m hitting the hay.

Because tomorrow I’m taking 12 strangers to lunch.

After bringing them on a walking tour of my town.

In the pouring rain, poor lambs.

Then I’m helping out at a dinner for 60 at 5:00, and after that, at around 9:00, I’m picking up a dining room table from a house in one town and delivering it to a house in another town.

Being my kind of person really can wear you down, and I’ve noticed I look pretty wrecked along about now. Me and this poor guy, who looks so much older than he did in the year 2000, whew! Remind me never to become President.

3 thoughts on “Go to Bed!

  1. I went to bed. Now, here in the high desert, it’s 3:14 a.m. and counting. Just as my back began to cool down for the night, a migraine took it’s place. So, I’m out of bed. No rest for the wicked-but in your case-it would be no rest for the altruistic.

    You are a dynamic gal I see.You would have made a great Platoon Sargent in a Marine Force Recon Unit-but calling you a “Devil Dog” would seem out of character. That said, you are worthy of The Corps title: “Semper Fidelis.”

  2. well thanks you former Marine but I think I;m way to subversive to ever have become a sergeant. I would tell them all to go have a nice liedown in their bunks and write to their mothers. 🙂

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