Enough with the ‘Old’ Talk

myself am not old; just my insides are ha ha. The day my mother died, I was walking her to the car to bring her to the big birthday party arranged in her honor, when she turned to me and said, “I feel like a bride!”

Go figure huh? You just never know. I could die today or I could live another 40 years. People born in 2012 could reach the age of 150 I read last week – by which time they WILL have pantyhose for the upper arms! 

I’ve done a kind of Theme-of-theiWeek thing  from time to time here on this blog, like when I had that Name That Celebrity contest back in March, or with last week’s talk of Fashion, or now with the subject of Aging two days in a row.

It happens this way: You get rolling and the ideas pop and the yarn spools out and you get thinking ‘Snip it off now and you’ll have yarn for tomorrow!’ Or, to use another domestic art, “Keep back a bit of yeast today and you’ll have bread for another day!’ It’s comforting  to have someplace to start the next day. It is for me especially, because I’m determined to make good on my promise to write here every day no matter what. It’s my gift, this ability to write with  honesty. I just want to give it and not worry about who might be there to receive it.

I can tell you there’s peace in that outlook. It’s very calming to just be able to love the world without worrying whether the world will love you back. I probably learned this when I realized what a big chunk of the audience at any author talk I gave was just there trying to get in out of the cold; just trying to get off their feet awhile. It was OK by me. They made great audience members.

So really I don’t worry much about what I will write here next. Annie Dillard said it about doing any first draft: the problem is how to set yourself spinning. But once you do, you can keep on spinning for a good long time I have come to see, since really, spinning is just talking, freely and unselfconsciously. Ask a question of the guy next to you in line at the Post Office and you’ll see: He’ll spin like a top. We all will, given the chance.

8 thoughts on “Enough with the ‘Old’ Talk

  1. Yesterday, on joining a group I meet with every week, I spotted one of the ladies there whom I had not seen for about a month. Knowing she had been ill, I asked, “How are you feeling?” And everyone yelled at me. They said, “Don’t ask — she’ll tell you.” And she started to do that, but I was so startled by the group’s response, I didn’t actually take in what she said. I will call her today, because I really want to know. Cheech.

  2. I like the notion of words as speech. The spin of language can either build up, or tear down. Words can be the tiny spark that sets a forest ablaze, or, the healing balm which soothes. Too often, my Irish Grandmother, Maggie, would “cuff” my cheek when I got smart with my mouth. Nothing abusive, a sort of “cat swipe,” that came with an admonition:
    “Keep your trap shut ,you, unless you have something good to say,” or “Who asked you about it? Mind your own affairs.” So, after many a cat swipe and realizing how foolish it was to take issue with others, I have tried hard to be gracious, with my spin. Sure, I fail now and then. I take the baited hook and swim with unkind words-“I’ll show them!” Oh, how I miss that cat swipe.

    As for getting old? Well, if typing here on my knees is any indication of aging, due to severe back pain, having misplaced my Superman costume a long time ago, (moth eaten in the closet) perhaps, “aging” is the whole business. It sounds kinder..”I’m aging..” Truth is. Yes, I’m getting older. Yet,”old people” will say to me, “Oh, don’t be foolish. You are young yet.”
    State of mind? Attitude? Where is age? In the body, or spirit? Methinks it’s the spirit..the body will decay, but something stronger kicks in.

    I struggled to walk upstairs today to use my computer. I bitched. I moaned. The pain ripping around my lumbar and down my left leg. I even grimaced and restrained my tongue as one of five cats came barreling down stairs to cut me off in mid course, causing me to lock a death grip on the railing. But, in true Fighting Irish spirit, I vowed to view my Teacher’s Blog everyday and share…with the intent of being gracious.

    A cat swipe awaits me otherwise.

  3. Dear Youth (What are you, 52? 53?)

    Here is my assignment: Don’t read the blog every day. Just rest, and you and I can talk via email.

    And if you feel a nice little meditation like this one coming on, send it that way and we will put it in our book. 🙂

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