Free at Last

What’s wrong with wearing odd thing on your head like I was saying yesterday? My big sister and I wore sweaters on our heads as veils every time we put on the big Baby Jesus pageant in the upstairs hallway. She was always Mary and I was always Joseph. Well a short, pudgy version of Joseph, that good sport of a guy, forever befuddled-looking in the religious art, forever stuck wearing brown.

It helped that our mom had lots of brown – she looked great in the color – and that the great aunts had lots of blue, blue being the total signature color of the BVM. (Even her eye shadow was blue they used to say around Nazareth.)

It really is fun to customize your clothes like the Catholic-school girls have been doing since Day One. And when you get to a certain age you can go all out. At the end of her life my aunt was wearing her clip-on earrings at the top of her shirt collars just because she liked the way they looked.

I myself have taken to wearing my tops backwards and it’s really workin’ for me I have to say. Spill something down the front of your top and all you have to do is swing it right around and poof the stain is gone from sight, as far as I’m concerned.

Also as the pointiest-breasted pupil in my 7th grade class….

….I’ll admit that I’m also sick to death of my own cleavage, here in a world where you practically can’t buy a top that doesn’t have a deeply scooped neck. So there again I spin ‘em around backwards, having first delicately picked the label off with an X-acto knife and EVERYONE IS FOOLED ! 
I wear high-necked bathing suits even, Spandex right to the clavicles, They’re hard to find. yes, but you really really can’t be wearing a bathing suit backwards. I’d rather go swimming looking like this:

than like this:

Yes I have to to search hard for the high-neck suits but it’s worth it. This was me at the beach this past summer (and look! I finally get to wear blue!)















(I got the wind-machine think goin’ to blow back my hair  🙂 ) 


4 thoughts on “Free at Last

  1. Slap my face…but last time I recall, you made rags look like Chanel. And, beauty is eternal. Sorry, can’t fool me…What’s that expression? “Clothes make the person..” Hmm. Not quite so sure. When I meet St. Joseph, I’ll have to get his thoughts on all this…and by then he’ll be sporting a different shade of brown. (BTW-Green is your color. I was paying attention in class 😉

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