Coupla Dopes Posing as Naughty Minxes

Now even that good grey lady the New York Times has lost its mind:

I opened the online version of the paper just now and got immediately taken to this weird little semi-titillating, young-women-resting their heads-on-one another’s-laps video.

It’s an ad for pajama bottoms I think.

Plus never mind they out-and-out STOLE “Bossy Pants,” the name from Tina Fey’s memoir..

Click here to see the two models in full drowsy, live-action pout- there’s a little short ad first, the footage.

It really irks me for some reason. 

I say make these two dopes pick up the place NOW, then split them up and send ’em to their rooms without any dinner.

5 thoughts on “Coupla Dopes Posing as Naughty Minxes

  1. ….ahhh, the beautiful people!!! What a pathetic essay on the clueless.

    They certainly have the right to live and promote this way of life but it is sad that the Times deems it worth a two minute spot. May the light come on for them all before life passes them by.

  2. Well, it must be a lot of fun to dream up a video like this and then run it up the flagpole, and hope that it stays up there.

  3. Dude, nothing wrong with that!
    That’s how we both spend our non-blogging hours…isn’t it?

    Except the glitter and confetti makes me itch….

    How about you?

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